how much are old pianos worth

Two types of people usually ask for the value of a piano. The one who is looking for an old, secondhand used pianos. And the one who wants to sell an old, used piano for a good price. They often ask how much are old pianos worth?

Multiple factors can affect the value of an old piano. If you are a seller then you should take care of the piano’s maintenance. If you have been keeping your piano with care then it might be worth much more.

If you are a buyer then you should consider some essential qualities such as sound quality, make and model, overall physical condition, etc. These are some essential factors you must consider before buying an old used piano.

Are old pianos useless?

There is a perception that old used pianos are worth nothing. A piano loses its value over time. Not just in the case of pianos but everything loses its value with time.

But if you keep your piano with care and proper maintenance then it may be worth more than your expectations.

That’s why you should consider the make and model before buying a brand-new piano. Because make and model can add more value to your old piano.

These are just estimates, you should consider a professional valuer to find the actual price and worth of your old piano.

Does the worth of the piano increase with time?

Occasionally pianos increase their worth with time. But usually, a piano’s value decreases with time.

Most of the pianos decrease in price by 70 to 80 percent within one year. So you should keep it in mind while selling or buying old pianos.

How much is a good used piano worth?

If your piano is from a famous known manufacturer and is in good working condition then you can expect a good price.

If you are selling your old piano then you should better restore it before labeling as for sale. Make sure its sound quality is good and it is in overall good working condition.

The pianos with good sound quality and working condition then you can expect the prices starting from $2000.

It’s just an estimate, your piano’s worth depends on the quality of your piano. If it is just left to gather dust then you may have to pay for its disposal.

These are two scenarios affecting the cost of a piano. If your piano is inherited from your ancestors and left to gather dust then you will have to pay to get rid of your piano.

That’s why you should be ready for both cases when you are selling or getting rid of your old piano.

Who buys an old piano?


Beginners who have just been admission to piano classes opt for an old used piano. They have just started learning the piano. That’s why they cannot afford to buy a brand-new acoustic piano.

Kid’s parents

Parents who have put their kids in piano learning schools would opt for a used old piano. Parents don’t want to invest in brand-new pianos for classes. They would opt for a new piano when their kids learn the basics.

Piano teachers

Piano teachers earn a small income by teaching kids pianos. A person who knows how to play and teach piano but doesn’t have his/her piano should buy a used piano.

That’s the reason why piano teachers often buy old pianos. They don’t want to make such a big investment at the very start of their career.

Where to buy/sell old used pianos?

If you are selling an old piano then you can approach market resellers. They will buy and resell your old piano.

If you don’t have time to find a market reseller then you can sell your piano online. You can share pics and condition details of your used piano on the Facebook marketplace. You can also reach out to some professional sites that resell old household things.

If you want to buy an old piano then you should reach the market that sells used items. If you cannot approach the market physically then you should search it online. Facebook marketplace is one of the most reliable and easy platform to buy and sell such old household items.

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