Robin Hall Piano For All Review | Does it Work or A Scam?

The Piano for All is a special program that comes with a learning technique and a lot of benefits, functions, and plenty of knowledge about the piano. Before jumping to this program and its courses, we need to explain what is piano.

A piano is a music tool that is made with a keyboard which is a special tool to create instrumentals. It is made with a wooden case and the soundboard, metal strings are also connected with it. So, it is a product introduced for music lovers.

Piano music product allows everyone to play music with it. But everyone cannot play music because it is not an easy task. The music perfectionist can play lovely music on the piano and they performed well.

If you are a piano music lover and want to play music on the piano keyboard, then you need to learn it first. You can buy different books to learn piano and then become able to play good music. Thus, we are going to describe a program that enables everyone to play piano music after some knowledge.

Now you can easily achieve your piano goal and learn it within a short period of time. Piano for All is a course that helps everyone to save money and get great learning skills. You have no need to waste your time, no need for extra effort, and no need to take tension about anything.

In this article, you will learn about piano and its course which is popular all over the world, and also you will get knowledge about piano course books. So, it is a huge opportunity that enables you to achieve your goal and become a perfect piano music player. I will provide you with detailed piano for all review to decide whether to choose it or not.

Piano For All Program Review

The Product

This program is made by the author Robin Hall. He is a master of piano music and can create unique music, and instruments with his perfect skills.

He claims that Piano for All is a unique program that comes with learning facilities and everyone can play their favorite musical instruments and songs within a few months of use.

This program is friendly for all types of ages. You can able to play your favorite songs within a couple of months, but this can only be possible if you take this program.

his complete program comes with some audio and video content. Moreover, it consists of 10 books that help you to learn piano music with logic, practice, etc. This program focuses on teaching pop, jazz, blues, and rock songs.

This program has popular artists on its list to teach students. This is the best learning strategy program. How do you feel? When you heard songs on the radio and now you can play songs, absolutely it is interesting and wonderful feelings for all, this is only possible in months if you take this program.

This program is a complete package. You can order it and get high-quality videos with high-quality sound. It comes with some guidelines, music awareness, instructions to play piano, and many more facilities which allow you to play piano and enjoy your favorite music.

Moreover, there are different course books that come with a great knowledge of piano. You can read the complete books and can become a piano music master within a few months. So, it is not impossible because the program proved it with its functions.


  1. You can learn the music with several steps in the Piano for All program.
  2. You can learn to play the piano within a short time period.
  3. It is an easy way to play the piano and become a piano master.
  4. You can enhance your knowledge about music and perfectly play your favorite music or song.
  5. Moreover, this program is specially made for beginners who want to learn its basics and then deeply enjoy it.
  6. This program helps you to save time and you can learn it easily.
  7. The logic is defined clearly in the course and people can understand it easily. All the music pattern is available in it which makes it easier.
  8. You can save money because it is not expensive. Everyone can easily buy it with a complete package.
  9. This is a unique program that has 10 books to learn it well. Thus, it enhances your skills and you can love the rhythm.

Playing piano with your own hands looks like magic and you can be surprised after all the facts about it. Is It really working? It is easy to learn this program? Can beginners play the piano music?

There are many more questions that relate to the Piano for All Program and people want the answers to these questions. Don’t worry and take a deep breath because we tried very hard to cover everything in this article.

How Does Piano The Piano For All Work?

Piano for All introduces a teaching technique that is based on logic. The logical concepts will be explained to students and they can store the logical data in their minds. It is the best and easy step for beginners also. There are some points that are covered in it and the student and understand the step-by-step.

The complete knowledge enables you to understand every step and musical tone, and you can get special skills. This program helps you to start your session with calm and understand each point. More is that it enhances your feelings and you can feel the music.

The music pattern is given in this course and you can easily understand the piano keyboard. Each button can generate the rhythm and you can learn it from the pattern. The notes, types, rest, and beats columns are clearly defined in it and you need to store them in your mind.

The rhythm cards are also available in this program and you can keep in your mind which rhythm belongs to which music. It is clearly defined with music symbols and you can learn it easily.

What is Inside

What is inside The Piano For All Program:

Piano for all programs comes in a series of categories which is easy to remember and helpful for you to learn. It has a series of 10 books, 200 videos, and 500 audio demonstrations.

This program has several books which include Party Time, Blues & Rock N Roll, Chord magic, Advanced Chords, Ballad style, Jazz piano made easy, Taming the classic, Advanced blues, Speed learning, and the Bonus book.

All these books are really important and come with a unique concept to play piano with professional learning skills. You can become a master of the piano after reading all the books which are really helpful for you. Now we are describing each subject in detail.

1. Party Time 

It is the first book on Piano for all programs which has 46 lectures. All lectures have a total time of 4 hours and 31 minutes. It is a rhythm-style piano that enables you to learn all the rhythms and musical symbols. Thus, it introduces the notation of music which includes rest and some basic rhythm.

2. Blues & Rock N Roll 

In this second book of this program, you will learn further steps to play the piano. However, it has an easy time-lapse for you. This book includes as shown in its name, a Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll lesson. In this book two, there are 11 lectures about learning the piano.

It will only take 56 minutes to wind up this book. You can easily finish this book at any hour of the day. It is a conceptual book that teaches the concept to play piano and trying it with your hand.

You will learn to practice with the left hand which is better than the right hand. Moreover, you will learn about five blues rhythms and be able to play 12-bar blues by using any key.

3. Chord magic 

This is the third book on piano for all programs which contains the practice and progression. This book helps you to understand the chords of every key. Also, it teaches you the inversions.

You will get the all chord memory tricks from this special book. You will learn more about the piano and its music and easy ways to handle it. Thus, it is focused more on chords and, less on melodies.

In this part of this program, you will learn how to play every single minor and major triad. This book is not about chords but there is a total of 24 triads and you will learn how to make chord inversions.

4. Advanced Chords 

This fourth special book comes with advanced techniques to play piano music and enjoy it a lot. This book contains chord symbols, magic formulas, and practice progressions.

Hence, you can learn the symbols which help you to use the keys of the piano keyboard. Advanced chords help you to increase your skills and practice well. This book has a long list of Beatles songs and Beatles styling, so you can learn each and everything better.

5. Ballad Style 

The ballad style contains several steps to explain the next procedure. This book is very special because it enhances the knowledge and learning skills of the piano. It contains three important steps that are very easy.

Moreover, these steps are covered in 58 lectures. You will learn your favorite ballads and learn to play piano like a professional. This book teaches you about improvising and you can get ideas about melody. Moreover, you will learn about the ballad process and it teaches you how to apply it.

6. Jazz Piano Made Easy

This 6th book of this program comes with heavy content. In this book, you will read about the jazz and foundation of blues. You will learn bluesy sounds and also blues chords.

Many more tricks also can be used to play the music and it teaches you the rhythms of jazz. It is considered a difficult style book but you can learn it well with your sharp mind. All the course contains 5 hours. So, you can easily the main points and steps to play piano music.

7. Advanced Blues and fake Stride

In this book, you will learn about advanced chord knowledge. You will get blues knowledge and some points that are most important to play good music. Moreover, you will learn about slides, tremolo, and turnarounds.

You will get knowledge about piano stride. The real and fake phases are described well in this book. Moreover, you will learn some more techniques to generate your own easy steps.

Similarly, this book adds more excitement and you will become a creative person. Thus, you can create your own music with your own techniques after reading this book.

8. Taming the classic 

This piano for all books contains informative content that provides you with some tips that are easy and very beneficial for you. There are also red spots as notes on the sharp or flat due to the key signature.

After all of this, you will get into playing classical piano pieces, which have big names like Bach and Chopin. If you have a goal to play pieces from sheet music, taming the classic is an amazing book for you.

You need to understand that practicing is the key to learning new things. Thus, spend time on this section to enhance or learn more about reading music, pedaling, and tone. It contains 44 lectures that are very simple and easy for everyone.

9. Speed learning 

This special book contains further beneficial knowledge about piano and it is all about scales, arpeggios, and triads. This is an important book in the program because it improves your playing piano skills. It contains the practice and is very useful for you.

10. Bonus Book

This is the last book of this program. It also helps to practice and provides many tips to play your favorite music well. Thus, you can enjoy your favorite music by playing the piano with your hands.

The Pros and Cons:

  • This special program helps you to use both hands on the piano keyboard. Thus, you can learn to play music well.
  • This program comes with 9 books which are more important for beginners. All the courses are really helpful and beneficial to learn to play the piano. All books are informative and make you happy with important lessons.
  • You can easily play the piano at your own pace and enjoy your favorite music as well.
  • This program is affordable and available with quality content.
  • It comes with some video and audio clips that are really helpful to learn the piano and achieve your goal.
  • In this complete program, you will enhance your knowledge and skills in piano and music by learning chords.
  • You need to practice hard with the help of all the courses and then you will see positive results.
  • You need to read the complete books and also try to practice hard, otherwise, you will not learn it.
  • It is totally useless for you because it doesn’t affect you.



Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is piano for all any good?

This program is best for beginners to learn in a couple of months. However, its teaching style is so different from other programs that even professionals find it useful for learning.

2. How long is the Piano for all?

You have to find time to practice learning this program. The good thing is that it will take your time about 20 to 30 minutes each day. It is a flexible program, and if you have a busy schedule you can skip some days.

3. How much does the piano for all cost?

Including all things in a program such as e-books, video, and audio lessons, will cost $39.

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