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It looks like a scene from a fairy tale when your 3 years old kid playing the piano. Kids under the age of 5 years old playing piano look like characters from a fairy tale. But should you teach your 3-year-old piano? Is it too early to teach your 3-year-old kid piano?

The piano lessons for three old kids are different from piano lessons for older ones. You might be afraid to teach your three old kids a piano lesson. But according to various experts, kids between the ages of three to six are ideal for learning piano.

Piano Lessons for 3-Year-Olds

Before you get started with your 3-year-old kid’s piano lessons make sure the learning material is appropriate for your kid. Don’t ever try to frustrate your kid or yourself otherwise, you would end up giving up. Make sure to turn the piano lessons into great entertainment. Make it a fun time for your kids so that they would love to attend the piano classes.

The piano lessons should be appropriate and fun to adopt for your three-year-olds. When a kid approaches the age of three they spend most of their time playing. Playing is the main activity of the three old kids. So if you convert the piano lesson into an exciting activity that would be a great option.

One more thing to be noted and that’s the attention period of kids. A three old kid has a lot of distractions in his life. That’s why your three old cannot concentrate for a long period on piano lessons. Make sure to keep the piano classes short.

Learning through discovery

You can indulge your kids in discovering many things. They don’t pay attention to things already available around them. So if you want your kid to pay extra attention to the musical instruments then try to expose them to music discoveries. Let them discover and feel the music around them.

Discovering the Piano

First of all, you need to let your three old kids discover the piano. You can open the lid of your aesthetic piano in front of your kid. If you have digital piano no problem just go ahead. Let your kid see the magic coming from the notes of a piano. You can let your kid play with a toy car and allow him/her to move the toy car on the surface of the piano.

When your kid is driving the car you play the piano and sing together. When the car goes up sing higher and when the car goes down sing lower. This will create a great sensation of harmony and a rhythm your child would love to experience. These simple yet genius experiences would help your kid discover the piano.

Discovering Rhythm

You should know that this is the right age for your kid to get started with the rhythms and musical notes. At this age your kid has sharp but blank memory. Your kid is like a blank paper and you’re three year old is prone to learn new things quite quickly. Your kid at the age of three can pick new things easily.

Steps and skips

Normally a three old kid starts hearing the sounds and learns to identify with steps and skips. First of all, give your kid an object and step up a note. After that, your kid can skip the notes. You can do the same with blank staff.

You can step up and down the notes. You can make it an activity by taking an object and becoming the rider. Your student will become the driver of that object. After that, you can skip the roles and let them tell you to step or skip.

Continued Discovery through Repetition

As you and your kid keep on finding music and the piano, permit a Great deal of reiteration. At this stage, redundancy is vital! Do the same things again and again. You might get exhausted from it, yet they will not!

You will be agreeably astounded to perceive the amount they will begin to get and after a short time, they can be the ones showing the examples.

Regardless of whether you think they have an idea down, return to it again and again. Their recollections are brief and you would rather not expect them to remember something you have shown them quite a while in the past just to find that they have neglected it.

In such a manner, showing 3-year-old piano examples can be basic. Think of a straightforward example plan that you can utilize pretty much like clockwork. I would recommend something like this:

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Final Thoughts

You can easily make your three old learn piano. All you need to do it to make the piano classes short and effective. Don’t let your kid get bored with the lesson. Make sure your kid is enjoying the process. You shouldn’t make it a typical learning class instead make it a fun activity.

Let your kid discover the piano notes and other musical instruments. Let them discover themselves. Once they find it fun to play then they would show a great interest in piano classes. Don’t impose piano lessons on your kid forcefully instead let them enjoy themselves.

The piano classes for your three-year-old kid shouldn’t be like other strict classes or lessons. Moreover, make sure to keep the sessions short and effective.

Once you notice that your kid is losing interest in the piano class end the class. And indulge your kid in other activities. You can also give your three old treats after completing the piano call.

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