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Worst Piano Brands To Avoid – Digital or Upright?

Piano practice is one of the best things you can do in your life at least once. Piano music is so calming and relaxing. The soft and subtle tones of piano keys take you on a fairyland journey. When you are playing piano songs you might feel like walking across fairyland in your imagination.

But what about choosing the best piano brands when there are hundreds of them available in the market? How could you avoid bad piano brands so that you can invest in high-quality equipment?

If you are serious about taking piano classes then you might need an efficient and high-class piano brand. People who are professionals in this field might not need this article. Because they are well aware of good and bad brands in the market.

Beginners who are going to start their piano career must be careful while investing in a piano.

Piano is a one-time investment, so be careful while making a purchase. Our team of professionals has tested some piano brands and we have created a comprehensive list of piano brands you should avoid.

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List of 5 Piano Brands to Avoid

We have prepared a comprehensive list of 5 piano brands you should avoid. This list is based on performance, durability, sound quality, and price. So whenever you go to market to buy a new piano you should stay away from these 5 brands at least.


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Alesis Digital Pianos

No doubt Alesis is famous for making electrical appliances including pianos at reasonable prices. However, the digital piano manufactured by Alesis got a negative response from customers.

The Alesis Virtue is an 88-key digital piano that lacks many technical requirements. These technical errors can lead to poor sound consistency. You will end up ruining your performance because of its low sound quality.

Here are some key reasons why you should avoid Alesis digital piano.

  • The piano doesn’t have sound consistency which means sound changes often. Due to this, you can expect a sudden volume drop.
  • If you use it for a few months you will notice that some of the keys have stopped registering sounds.
  • There is another drawback which is key quality. Due to a lack of quality, the keys appear to be very clumsy and fall off.
  • Above all, the build quality is poor and it lacks many construction attributes.

Costzon Digital Pianos

Another piano with cheap price and performance. The Costzon Digital Pianos are manufactured in China and they lack many sound qualities. 

Due to its low price, many people fall for it including adults and professionals. But soon they realize that they should have avoided this piano brand. 

Here are some key factors that make it a worse piano. 

  • Insufficient sound quality
  • A poorly constructed keyboard that features flimsy keys.
  • If you are rapidly playing a song then you will experience the lagging sound quality that sucks.
  • You might notice the sound variations in the same notes and settings.

Kurzweil KA90

You might be surprised after reading the Kurzweil brand name on this list.Because Kurzweil is famous for producing high-quality pianos at reasonable costs. 

But its KA90 model has some unsatisfied customers. So in short you should avoid such piano brands if you don’t want to take risks. 

Here are some key reasons why the Kurzweil KA90 failed to entertain itscustomers

  • The keys are hard to press. Stiff keys can make the velocity curve deviate resulting in poor sound output.
  • You don’t feel consistency in sound while playing chords.
  • The sound quality is overall terrible and feels artificial.
  • The automatic accompaniment feature is merely a superficial addition and does not offer any substantial harmonic or rhythmic reinforcement for the melody.


LAGRIMA is another Chinese brand that is known for manufacturing quality pianos at low prices.

The digital pianos of LAGRIMA are 88-key good quality pianos. But some of its models like LAGRIMA LAG-630 and LG-803 have some drawbacks.

Here are some key factors that make us put this brand on our list.

  • The piano doesn’t have consistent and good sound quality. It also gives some background noises that may ruin your whole performance.
  • The piano has sticky and small keys that don’t respond when you are playing rapid songs.
  • The LAGRIMA LAG-630 and LG-803 models are engineered with poor-quality plastic that makes them fall off easily and fragile.
  • If you are looking for reliable and long-lasting pianos then you should stay away from this brand.

One more thing about the company is the poor response to claims.

Pianos are significant investment. Therefore choose a brand wisely.

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