rockjam 88 key digital piano review

Rockjam 88 Key Digital Piano Review 2023 – Latest

A piano is essential to vintage home décor. Apart from home decorating ideas, the piano practice has become necessary for every kid in this century. In the market, there are plenty of options available right now including digital and acoustic piano.

Vintage pianos take your home décor to the next level. But when it comes to reliability, mobility, and convenience digital piano wins the race. Today we are here with the review of a high in demand digital piano.

Rockjam 88 key digital piano has become the center of discussion when it comes to high-quality digital pianos. That’s why I have decided to come up with a detailed review including key features, pros, and cons. So that you don’t make a wrong choice.

Rockjam 88 Key Digital Piano Review

The Product

We have decided to bring a detailed Rockjam 88 key digital piano review after getting a 5-star rating on Amazon. When you are planning to buy a beginner-friendly and affordable piano then Rockjam 88 key digital piano is worth trying. For beginners and intermediate pianists, this is a great digital piano.

Build Quality

This high-quality digital piano is equipped with 88 full-size semi-weighted balanced-action keys. The rockjam is equipped with touch-sensitive keys. If you press the piano keys harder, the piano will sound loud. On the other hand, if you touch keys gently it will produce a gentle and soft sound.

There are 4 levels of touch sensitivity, and you should target the one that suits your playing style and skill level. If you successfully target the touch sensitivity level according to your skill levels you will be at ease.

If we talk about the rockjam piano according to the price, the key action is almost average. That’s why I already mentioned that it is a piano option for beginners and intermediate players. Advanced pianists may not be satisfied with the key action.

The key action might not be perfect for advanced piano players but beginners and intermediate pianists would complement this affordable piano.

The rockjam comes with 6 D-Size batteries that are not easy to find. The rechargeable batteries are hard to find in the market. That’s why you need to keep your piano with care. The piano itself weighs only 6.8 kg. The rockjam piano is a portable keyboard.

In addition to the piano itself, the package includes a power adapter, a music rest, and two extremely useful clips for securing your iPad or music book. You do receive keyboard decals that can be adhered to the keys, making it simpler to locate the appropriate music notes. If you want to play more difficult piano pieces, you will need to purchase an additional sustain pedal because the sustain pedal is not included in the box.

The rockjam 88 key digital piano consists of onboard speakers that are loud enough for home use and social occasions. The speakers are equipped with 24W amplifiers that give you an enhanced experience of piano sessions.

However, the sound output lacks richness and warmth. When you put on headphones, the sound gets a lot better. The Rockjam piano has two ports for headphones; one is on the back panel, and the other is right next to the keys, which is convenient.

There is likewise a mouthpiece port and devoted sound out port for you to interface with an all the more remarkable Dad framework. Even premium-brand pianos that cost a lot more don’t come with this feature.

What is Inside

Key Features

If you are a beginner and haven’t mastered your skills of playing and singing simultaneously then it’s okay, the Rockjam has your back. You can either connect a USB stick containing your number one MP3 tunes or associate your cell phone using the helper sound in port and chime in on the mouthpiece.

The Rockjam piano also features a USB MIDI port on the back side of the piano which makes you connect with your piano. Professional music producers can connect USB MIDI and use the piano with many free DAWs & software instruments.

The Rockjam 88 key digital piano allows you to plug in a microphone and sing along with it. To improve your singing output better you can apply vocal effects. The vocal effects improve your singing output and give you professional voice effects.

The Rockjam 88 key digital piano also features a transpose function that allows you to sing in a different key. The Rockjam 88 key digital piano offers you a card with a one-month free subscription. The subscription allows you to connect your smartphone or iPad to the Simply Piano App.

Sound Quality

The Rockjam digital piano offers you 10 voices and 128 notes of polyphony which is enough for an intermediate piano player. The piano allows you to layer 2 voices to enhance the sound effect. On the other hand, you can split the voice for a rich effect.

You can adjust the volume of split voice and layered voice independently. This is a high-end feature that is hard to find even in costly and big-brand digital pianos.

If these sound features are not enough for you then you can personalize sound effects as per your choice. As mentioned above, the sound quality is enough for beginner and intermediate piano players it is more than sufficient.

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Final Words

Final Words

When you decide to buy a piano, you need to consider various factors for example sound quality and build quality. A piano consists of various features that make it an outstanding musical instrument. The piano is a classy musical instrument but if you don’t keep it with care you can lose its supremacy.

The Rockjam 88 key digital piano is a convenient, affordable, and efficient piano that can uplift your music career. If you are a beginner and want to get started with an affordable yet efficient piano then Rockjam is your choice.

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