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Singorama 2.0 Review – Why I Ask For Refund?

Singing is a God-gifted talent that makes you different than all normal people. The voice is a beautiful gift but the amazing voice is the blessing that helps you to grow up your talent and show it to the entire world. As well as singing is a popular field and talented person joins it.

Training, hard-working, and passion make a singer strong, popular, and confident. Some people work hard to polish their singing talent, thus they join singing classes and sessions.

This is a unique session course that is not so common in the whole world. But it is hard to find the best course that helps you to learn singing from the very first step.

Thousands of courses and programs are available for singing learning but you have to find the best one. Thus, we are going to discuss the world’s best singing platform “Singorama 2.0” which helps beginners, intermediate singers, or advanced singers to learn singing at home.

The “Singorama 2.0 Review” is in the following which enables you to understand how it is a famous program.

What Is The Singorama 2.0?

The Product

Singorama 2.0 is a software program or a platform that allows beginner, advanced, or intermediate singers to learn singing with useful techniques. It trains the people who take too much interest in singing and want to be professional singers.

It is available in many languages to teach the fundamentals of singing. This platform is suitable for those people who are dreaming to join the singing field and make their career as well. It is also suitable for you;

  • If you want to change your tone, then Singorama 2.0 is the best option for you.
  • Similarly, if you want some improvements in singing, then you are eligible to use this amazing program course.
  • You can use this singing learning platform to write the song by getting all the knowledge about singing.
  • You have a chance to improve your knowledge and skills in the singing field.
  • Also, you have the best program which enables you to understand song rhythms. Actually, you can learn about signing and improve your talent, knowledge, and confidence than before.

Some people use this program for fashion or trends, some use it to learn to sing to make their career, and some people use it to learn and train other people for singing.

Singorama 2.0 is a cooperative, effective, and useful program which prepared singers and can set their singing level and make them star.

  • singorama 2.0 review

Author Of The Singorama 2.0:

Melanie Alexander (Experienced Vocal Coach) is the creator of this special program. She designed this program to improve her voice for singing. The creator has made it with her own experience and she realizes that the voice quality should be impressive.

Because you can learn to set your tone and learn rhythms, this program provides you the complete help. She claims that this program will work within 6 weeks and you will become a professional singer.

Moreover, she has provided her own methods and techniques to follow and prepare yourself to improve your voice quality. Thus, she is a successful lady and she has provided a wonderful program to all.

How Does Singorama 2.0 work?

Singorama 2.0 resembles a Bootcamp and it is a platform that provides a bundle of benefits and services to the users. You can use it on your PC, laptop, and smartphone which can show you the course to learn the program techniques.

This implies you need to place everything into it and attempt each example and assignment installed in this program. It works very quickly and you just need to play songs and start a training session in your free time.

It is a complete program that may help you to learn every single tone which you need. The program material enables the users to learn from the first step and give daily time to other sessions.

It provides the techniques which will bring your confidence back. The user can prepare himself to learn properly. Within 6 weeks, users will learn everything about music and singing.

What is Inside

What Is Inside The Singorama 2.0?

The Singorama 2.0 Program comes with wonderful material which provides you with a proper way to learn. It offers online tutorials, an E-book completes vocal quality improving the course, and a hardware CD.

Moreover, this special program contains 6 parts or segments which are divided into a total of 28 audio tutorials. You have a chance to start learning from the beginning and complete this course within 6 weeks.

It will be a challenge for you to improve your vocal quality and confidence and helps you to become a professional singer.

Part 1: Getting Started

Singorama 2.0 Program’s first part offers 3 lessons to learn the basics of singing. You will start it with the introduction of music, and vocal quality, and also you will learn to understand your voice tone. Moreover, this effective program will teach you to familiarize yourself with your vocals.

It also has some warm-up exercises to get the journey started. Also, you can learn to prepare yourself according to the schedule and train yourself for the daily routine. The most useful thing during singing is proper breathing and learning posture tips which will keep you singing safely.

Lesson 1: Introduction to your voice

Lesson 2: Voice Strengthening

Lesson 3: Loaded Sonancy Method

Beginners can learn from these lessons properly and they will set their minds according to the course. Basic learning will help them to learn easily and quickly. Whereas the tips will also help them to use their strength and mind to understand everything.

Part 2: Voice Techniques

In the second part of the Singorama 2.0 Program, There are provided different strategies, and techniques to learn singing properly. You will learn how to sing and how to control your emotions while singing.

You should understand this part’s content deeply and start practicing without losing your time. This part contains 5 lessons that provide informational content and teach you to control your habits.

Here you will better understand the tone, vocalization, ignoring the environment during singing, and learn the music deeply, etc.

Lesson 4: Tone

Lesson 5: Pitch

Lesson 6: Bridged Vocalization

Lesson 7: Avoiding Bad Habits

Lesson 8: Octave Power Generator Part 1 (Extending Your Range)

Part 3: Music Theory

In this third segment or part of the Singorama 2.0 software program, you will learn all about music. You have the best chance to understand what makes music, and how it can attract anyone.

The complete music theory with its rhythms and tones is explained in this segment. Moreover, you will learn what makes amazing music and which music will suit your song the most.

This section is especially for those users who learn to compose music. The awareness is necessary and they can train themselves for this job. Moreover, it is also necessary to learn the music to sing well. This part contains 3 lessons which will help you to learn the music deeply.

Lesson 9: Rhythm, Key Signatures, and Time Signatures

Lesson 10: Minor and Major Keys: The Solfege System

Lesson 11: Solfege and Intervals (Reading Music)

Part 4: Styles Of Singing

Singorama 2.0 program’s fourth part contains 3 lessons in which you will learn the singing styles, variety, and music genres. You have to focus on this segment which teaches you how to sing a song well. Also, you will learn to understand the singing styles.

Because it matters a lot and you should understand this content properly. The professional singer’s experience and techniques of singing are provided in this part of the segment.

Lesson 12: Different Singing Styles

Lesson 13: Recognizing Progressive Intervals

Lesson 14: Learn about Singing and a Variety of Music Genres

Part Five – Breaking Down A Song

This part is very special and now you are able to learn about the song. It provides you with the content and lessons to learn the main point. Because you have to understand the song first and then you have to prepare yourself and your throat to sing well.

You will learn about your voice, and the career movement, understand the words or lyrics of the song, and understand the meanings of the song. Also, you have to learn how to perform it in front of an audience.

The practice and techniques are provided in this segment to learn and then apply them. You should use your learning techniques or knowledge on some difficult songs or that songs you have never heard before. It contains 5 lessons and everything is described well.

Lesson 15: About Comprehension of Song Meaning: It helps to understand the lyrics and tone.

Lesson 16: You will learn to understand emotion & personality.

Lesson 17: You will learn to create your own song.

Lesson 18: You will have to learn the full song with emotions, lyrics, and tones. In this lesson, practice is included.

Lesson 19: This lesson also includes the exercise and practice to learn the full song.

Part Six – Final Part to Moving Forward In Your Music or Singing Career

This last part of the Singorama 2.0 program is especially for those who want a proper class of singing learning and then become professional singers. All the remaining tips which may help the singers to motivate, prepare, and improve their confidence, are provided in this segment.

This part contains 9 lessons and you have a good chance to take an interest to prepare yourself for singing.

Lesson 20: All the common issues while learning and basic problem solutions are provided.

Lesson 21: You can learn to brighten your future career.

Lesson 22: You will find the octave power generator in this lesson, The second part is described in it.

Lesson 23: You will learn to perform in life and the tips are provided with some guidelines.

Lesson 24: You have a chance to learn about auditions, all the techniques are provided to nail auditions.

Lesson 25: You can practice your first songwriting in this lesson.

Lesson 26: You will practice singing with a band.

Lesson 27: It teaches you the overcoming stage fright with full of confidence.

Lesson 28: This is the last and final lesson of the Singorama 2.0 program segment which contains the final analysis.

Bonuses With The Singorama 2.0:

Singorama 2.0 complete program also comes with extra content which includes bonus tools and other material like a PDF workbook, some training software, audio tutorials, and extra recordings. This bonus material helps you to find your pitch and learn to become a successful person in your life.

1: Workbooks

As the workbooks are added in the bonus material of the Singorama 2.0 program to guide you in a proper way for singing. You can read this content for further information, techniques, and singing tips. It helps you to improve your skills, grow your confidence, and improve your vocal quality as well.

2: Software

The extra software material is added in the bonuses of Singorama 2.0 which trains you with useful techniques.

3: Software for Mini Recording Studio

This software also added in bonus material and it contains special software which also provides the training course. It is a small recording studio that provides you with the next level of vocal quality.

You can use it to record your voice and analyze how much improvement occurs. Also, you will understand how much improvement is required.

Is TheSingorama 2.0 Legit or A Scam?

The provided content and software in Singorama 2.0 are really awesome and useful. It is a legit program because the material is powerful learning techniques that may train well.

You can easily use this singing material at your home and get sessions to learn singing without any further classes. This program is fantastic because it saves your time and also provides extra information than physical classes. Within just 6 weeks of learning, you can prepare yourself for a professional singer.

Moreover, the positive reviews and responses from users prove it is the right program. It is not a scam because our own experience also shows that this program is amazing.

Thus, we are sharing Singorama 2.0 Review with all of you. So, don’t give up and waste your time on another program because it is superb for you.

Singorama 2.0 Review – The Pros and Cons:

  • The wonderful material with parts was provided for your help.
  • Thus, you can learn everything with this program and you can set your career as well.
  • The program is available in both forms software form and also in physical form. So, these two forms are powerful, useful, and helpful for everyone.
  • The bonus material like the PDF workbooks, software, and special audio tutorials makes it a more unique and useful program.
  • It provides a variety of learning tools that helps you to understand the music, rhythms, songs, and tips.
  • You can learn the singing styles with the training segments of Singorama 2.0.
  • The vocal exercises and practice make you more strong and more confident.
  • Singorama 2.0 program is a little bit expensive.
  • It requires them more time to understand singing because just 6 weeks are not enough.


Can anyone become a singer with Singorama 2.0?

This special singing program comes with useful material and everyone can join the segments, train, and start practicing with the given tips. So, there is no limit for anyone.

What is the price of Singorama 2.0?

The price method is very simple for Singorama 2.0 program. So, its price chart is as follows:

$99.95: Digital Download (Singorama 2.0)

$299.95: Actual Product

$27 Monthly Subscription: It is useful for Inner Circle Platinum Members

Do both forms (physical and software) are necessary to learn singing?

Yes, beginners can purchase this complete program with both forms because everything is necessary to learn singing. Because the singing profession is not as easy as it looks.

Final Words


Singorama 2.0 is a legit program or software and provides complete information and knowledge about singing, songs, music, voice, and improvements. All the techniques of singing and professional singers’ strategies, useful tips, and singing styles are provided.

The exercises and practice software are also provided to learn well. You have to concentrate on your vocal quality and learn everything from this program to become a successful singer.

Moreover, this amazing program assists you to create a hydration and food schedule to help your vocal cords. Hope you can decide whether to buy or not by reading this Singorama 2.0 Review.

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