casio ap260 celviano 88-key digital piano bundle review

Casio Ap260 Celviano 88-Key Digital Piano Bundle Review Updated

Trying to become a pianist? Are you in search of the best reliable and affordable piano to get started with? Here you go, in this article, you will come to know about the famous digital piano to practice with.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional pianist you would love the exclusive Casio ap260 celviano 88-key digital piano. The piano has been there for hundreds of years.

There was a time when our ancestors used to play piano as it was the only source of entertainment. When there was no TV, Radio, or Computers, the piano was the only source of entertainment. Even people have sentimental connections with their old aesthetic pianos. But it’s the era of digital products.

Old pianos used to be big and heavy that you can’t move them with ease. But things got changed when digital pianos were introduced in the market.

These digital pianos are easy to move and easy to tune. You can learn piano more conveniently from a digital piano than from a traditional piano. I will provide you a detailed Casio Ap260 Celviano 88-Key Digital Piano Bundle Review to decide whether is it worth buying.

Casio Ap260 Celviano 88-Key Digital Piano Bundle Review:

The Product

Today I am going to present a detailed review of the Casio ap260 celviano 88-key digital piano to ensure you an easy and comfortable way of practicing.

If you are also searching for Casio ap260 celviano review but didn’t find anything authentic then keep reading. Because in this article we will throw light on all the technical aspects of Casio ap260 celviano.

I am critical when it comes to writing a review. That’s because I don’t only highlight the good aspects but the weak points too. So you get a detailed and honest review that uncovers all secrets to ensure a safe purchase.

Casio Celviano AP-260 Digital Piano At A Glance:

  • 250 expressive sounds for nuanced exhibitions
  • An ideal practice accomplice, with worked in rhythms and backup
  • Two part harmony Mode makes this piano ideal for examples

Perks Of Having A Casio Ap260 Celviano

If you are a beginner or student learning piano classes then you must have Casio Ap260 Celviano at home. The Casio Ap260 Celviano gives you an amazing experience of getting piano classes.

Its excellent sound systems offer you elite-class music sessions. Here are some of the great perks of having a Casio Ap260 Celviano.

Excellent Choice For Music Lessons

It is combined with a multidimensional AiR sound engine, that helps the Celviano AP-260 to deliver the nuance, articulation, and naturethat you could wish for from an acoustic and traditional piano.

The scaled hammer action keyboard of Celviano AP-260 is coupled with ebony- and ivory-textured keys. With this combination theCelviano AP-260 allows you to play complex pieces with authenticity and precise expressiveness.

The Celviano AP-260 is featured with a concert play function that provides you with the recordings of a live orchestra. The Celviano AP-260 digital piano comes with dual 8-watt speakers to set your performance on fire at a party or family function. Now you can impress your community with your piano-playing skills and mesmerizing performances.

When nobody is around or you don’t want to disturb your neighbors during your piano practice then enjoy dual headphones mode. This mode allows silent practices that take you to another world of imagination without letting others know. The Celviano AP-260 is welcomed and appreciated in any musical household.

250 Expressive Sounds For Subtle Performances

The Celviano AP-260 digital piano offers you 18 lifelike instrument tones you can choose from with the help of the AiR sound engine. With its advanced instrument tones, you can select the perfect tone to match your musical mood.

The strong 128-note polyphony essentially implies you won’t ever hear notes drop out unnaturally during complex sections. Musicians and console players at Sweetwater realize that expressive sounds rouse better exhibitions, and the Casio AP-260 succeeds in that area.

Built-In Rhythms And Accompaniment

Practicing with Accompaniment helps you to enhance your piano playing skills and you continue improving your skills. It also helps to improve your musical capabilities. Now you can enjoy a wide range of musical styles the Casio AP-260 offers you 60 amazing songs. Now you can enjoy any song with the support of a full band, you just need to load it and that’s all.

Duet Mode Makes This Piano Perfect For Lessons

With excellent quality features and specs, the Casio AP-260 proves to be the best instrument for piano class practices. The Casio AP-260 features duet mode that allows you to split the keyboard into two equal ranges.

This feature enables the student and teacher to play the same piano at a time. It is a genius feature that makes learning easy. The Casio AP-260 has even dual headphone outputs. This means you and your teacher can keep practicing without disturbing other mates.


Casio is touching the peak of tradition and advancement by offering USB connectivity on Casio AP-260 digital pianos. In this way, you can perform your piano by connecting to MAC or Windows computers without downloading the drivers. The USB MIDI also allows the students to control the Casio AP-260 with their Apple iPads.

Induced Advanced Technology

The Casio AP-260 is designed with advanced technology to cater to consumers. The Casio AP-260 is coupled with high-end technical features to ensure an excellent piano-using experience.

It allows both the teachers and students to benefit from the same instrument at a time. Unlike traditional pianos, the Casio AP-260 can be connected to your computers and other digital devices easily. It offers headphone outputs to prevent disturbance while practicing alone.


Key Features Of Casio AP-260

  • It is equipped with an 88-note scaled hammer action keyboard.
  • It has 128-note polyphony
  • Offers excellent lifelike and emotive sound which is ensured by the modern AiR sound engine. This technology offers eighteen notes for a more impressive outcome.
  • It is designed based on modern Acoustic Resonance. With this technology when dampers are raised they enhance the sound of open strings.
  • The texture of the keys of the keyboard is Ebony- and ivory. This texture makes the keys feel like a real thing.
  • The keyboard is designed with split technology so that students and teachers could play the same piano simultaneously.
  • The Casio AP260 Celviano 88-key digital piano allows you to enjoy each performance with accompaniment, 60 built-in, and 10 more songs created by the consumers.
  • The Casio AP260 Celviano offers a Concert play feature that provides you with ten live recordings of the orchestra so that you could rock the stage.
  • The Casio AP260 Celviano offers you an amazing feature 2-track/1-song recorder that allows you to record your progress and compose your own songs.
  • The Casio AP260 Celviano allows the student and teacher to play the same note ranges with its Duet Mode.
  • Dual headphone outputs for silent practice
  • The eight-watt speakers allow you to enjoy a family gathering and win a concert.
  • Now you can connect your digital piano to your computers with the help of its USB MIDI feature
  • Includes 3 pedals, matching bench, and folding slide-type keyboard cover

What Is Included?


  • AC Adaptor: Yes Included (AD-A12150LW)
  • Pedals (Half-Damper pedal Operation): Yes Included
  • Bench: Yes Included
  • Music Stand: Yes Included
  • Score Book: YesIncluded

Dimensions and Weight

  • Unit size w/stand: 2″ x 17.0″ x 33.1″ (w/o score stand)
  • Unit weight w/stand: 1 lbs.
  • Boxed size: 7” (W) x 22.6” D) x 19.5” (H)
  • Boxed weight: 7 lbs.

casio ap260 celviano 88-key digital piano bundle review

Pros and Cons:

  • High-end technology is used to manufacture this masterpiece
  • Its high-quality keys stuff feels like something real
  • The great-quality speakers allow you to fill your house with the melodious sounds of your magical song plays
  • You can perform with great accuracy due to its top-notch features and technical aspects
  • Casio AP260 Celviano 88-key digital piano is equipped with modern technology to make your music learning classes more convenient and comfortable
  • Now learn piano with freedom with the help of Duet mode
  • No matter if it’s a music class, a live concert, or a family gathering you can perform with excellence if you have Casio AP260 Celviano 88-key digital piano
  • If you have a concert ahead but you can’t practice because people get disturbed? Don’t worry you get Headphones output to keep practicing in a silent environment
  • The bench, it’s an inch too short
  • The difference in bench height causes muscles to fatigue quicker
  • It’s a digital piano that is affordable so don’t expect real acoustic sounds like a traditional piano
Final Words

Final Thoughts

Casio Celviano AP-260 Digital Piano is an affordable choice for beginners and intermediate musicians. Beginners don’t have much money to spend on an acoustic traditional piano that’s why I recommend them using a digital piano. Professional pianists may earn enough to afford an acoustic piano.

The sound quality may seem low compared to an acoustic piano. But you should remember that it’s a digital piano with advanced technology and affordable rates. If you have more than $1000 then go ahead and buy an acoustic piano.

But if you don’t have enough money to invest and you cannot compromise on your piano classes then you must buy Casio Celviano AP-260 Digital Piano.

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