How To Get Rid Of Piano

How To Get Rid Of Piano For Free In Your Area

You have a piano at your home but it’s not for you anymore. You have a piano but you don’t learn it anymore. You have stopped playing piano for many years and now you are tired of it. It’s OK. It is believed that everyone has the ability to play piano.

However, if you think that piano is not for you then it is completely fine. A musical instrument that is a source of happiness and pleasure for one person could be tiring for someone else.

If you have reached a point where you don’t want to play your piano anymore and you haven’t played it for many years then it could turn into a big problem.

How Can You Get Rid Of A Piano For Free?

If you have bought a new branded piano just a few years ago then this article is not for you. If you don’t see any interest in your piano anymore then it would be better to sell it out. You can get most of your money back after selling your piano on the private market.

This article is for those who have purchased a second-hand old piano for some bucks. Or people who are practicing on their grand parent’s piano. You have your grandparent’s piano that hasn’t been tuned for years. How you can get rid of that piano without paying the piano moving fee?

A Bitter Reality

Most people have an old piano in their houses but they don’t play it anymore. Those people who have old pianos think that they can just get rid by selling them. It is common to have an old piano that is almost 100 years old.

These pianos were usually purchased by their grandparents or great-grandparents. These pianos were bought in that era when there was no source of entertainment. No TV, Radio, or Internet was at that time only music. So you might have a piano that belongs to that era.

Now, a bitter reality is that people having old pianos may think that they are antique and worth thousands of dollars. They could be, I am not saying that an old piano is worthless.

Your old piano is worth something if it is usable as a musical instrument. But usually, an old piano is sat in the corner of the house with sticky keys and a cracked soundboard. These problems make your piano worthless.

It’s almost impossible to sell an 80-100 years old piano that hasn’t been played for years. Nobody would like to buy a useless and broken musical instrument.

Even if you are unlucky you could have to give money to get rid of that old piano. And that’s the main point of this article, how to get rid of a piano for free?

How To Get Rid Of Piano Free?

Here are some suggestions that might work to get rid of your old piano that is not useable as a musical instrument anymore.

I just said that your old pianos are worth nothing but that’s not 100% true. It may not be useful for professional or serious musician who keeps their instruments up to date.

But a beginner or a fresh piano learner who just needs a piano to get started with. Someone who just needs a piano to start their practice but doesn’t have enough money to buy one. There are people who can take your piano for free but the point is to advertise it in the right place.

You might need to go to the nearby characterized sheets or grouped promotion destinations like Craigslist or Gumtree. As a general rule, somebody will actually want to get your piano from you for you.

Offer it to them as sold as seen with neighborhood pickup as it were. The early bird gets the worm. The main individual that turns up with a truck will remove the piano with them.

The other option is to give your piano to a charity store or a goodwill shop. The goodwill shop may not have enough space to accommodate your big heavy piano. But I am sure that people buy everything from those goodwill shops including pianos.

So they must have enough room for your big piano. Or you can just call a charity to pick up your piano for free. That would be amazing because they would come in in their own vehicle and take your piano away without costing you a single penny.

On the other hand, if someone purchases your piano from a goodwill store then money would be used in good cause. That’s satisfying and free in both cases.

You may likewise consider sites, for example,, which is like a characterized promotions site, however only for pianos. There are choices, yet this is the most renowned one.

Nonetheless, you might find the choice restricted, as individuals are more acquainted with and consequently bound to utilize destinations like Craigslist, eBay, and so on.

Obviously, assuming somebody will take it off you, somebody must compensate to move it. This ought to be the beneficiary of the piano; ensure you demand it.

Sell Your Old Piano

If your piano is not that old and is still in working condition then you may get some cash out of it. If you think that your piano can still help someone then you should sell it to the right person.

If it is in good condition and can be useful for an intermediate-level musician then you should sell it. You can sell your old piano on eBay for 40-80 dollars or in between this price. If you are lucky enough you can sell it to a local dealer.

You can list your piano on old items selling websites but don’t expect a high price. Just get rid of your piano and if it is giving you money too then it’s a win/win game.

If your piano is old and it is not worth anything emotionally then you should explore such sites. You just need to take some good photos of your piano from different angles and write down a truthful description.

Dispose Of Your Old Piano

Last but not least option to get rid of your old piano is to dispose of it. Sadly, if you have tried every other option but nothing is working for you then think about dumping it.

Most people choose this option at first and don’t even try other options. That’s sad but a reality. You should try other options and if nothing works for you, it should be your last choice.

Keep in mind that this option is going to cost you some money. The landfill where you will dispose of your piano may charge you a few bucks. Or you can call a local disposing of agency to take the piano with them and dispose of it accordingly.

The agency may cost you a fee to dispose of your old piano. Unfortunately, however much these old instruments hold wistful worth, they don’t have a lot of worth past that.

On the off chance that you never again need your piano, and you’ve attempted each way you can to get somebody to take it off you and continue to utilize it, you ought to feel no disgrace for discarding it. At any rate, it’s presumably existed for a long way past its normal life.

Keep it

If you have an old piano in your house and you have some sentimental connections then just keep it. You should not regret getting rid of your piano. At present you don’t play or learn the piano but what about the future?

You are not sure that you may wish to learn it again. You are not sure that your kids or other family members would like to learn the piano. You would be glad to keep your piano at home.

Piano may don’t have anything to do with your home furniture but you can still make it a part of your home décor. An antique piano can change the look of your home entirely.

You can decorate a portion or a small space in the corner of your home. You can adjust your old piano and modern music tools together to give it a fusion look. Trust me you would thank me later.

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