lagrima 88 key digital piano review

Lagrima 88 Key Digital Piano Review | Portable Electric Keyboard

The piano is a thing everyone loves to play whether he is trained or not. We love to play piano at our dinner parties or classy night event. In movies we see a hero playing piano in a very classy style which creates a stunning sensation in the whole scene.

Due to these movies, everyone dreams to become a successful pianist. Due to this reason, many people start making their kids pianists even from a young age. Kids take admission in music schools and learn music after completing their academic routine.

The piano seems hard to master but it is just a technique. Just like other music tools you can learn piano successfully. It demands your time, dedication, and efforts.

Aside from, time, dedication and struggle you must have one more thing, a high-quality digital piano. Getting a good quality digital piano at this time has become very difficult. It is hard to know that which piano is best for you.

If you are a beginner you cannot deal with a high-class piano with complicated functions and keys. Similarly, if you are a professional grade pianist then you have nothing to do with a beginner piano. Having an appropriate piano according to your skill level is essential.

Lagrima 88 Key Digital Piano Review

The Product

Lagrima has been offering affordable, high-quality, and reliable products for the last many years. Lagrima is a Chinese company that manufactures home furniture, electronics, and musical instruments. Lagrima is one of the most reliable and affordable pianos in the market.

You might be wondering that the low price would result in low quality. You have heard about a famous saying, “you get what you pay for” but Lagrima offers good quality at reasonable prices. Lagrima 88 key digital piano comes with all top-notch features and specs you need to play your favorite symphonies successfully.

Who Should Buy The Lagrima 88 Key Digital Piano:

Lagrima digital piano is designed for beginners who want to learn basic piano skills without compromising on experiencing the key weight, finger technique, and console style.

The Lagrima 88 key digital piano allows you to learn all the piano techniques you would need to play the analog acoustic piano. Kids who want to practice and learn piano skills can get started with Lagrima 88 key digital piano.

Moreover, people with a low budget can enjoy all the top-quality features of a piano without spending a lot of dollars. Being an affordable and easy-to-use digital piano it is always a top choice for beginners and kids.

If you live in a colony or with friends in one house or flat then you must have Lagrima 88 key digital piano. Lagrima 88 key piano comes with headphones and Bluetooth features.

You can use headphones and set the volume accordingly to enjoy piano notes without disturbing others. People who don’t have enough space for a large and bulky acoustic piano.

Therefore you can bring Lagrima 88 digital piano as it is compact, lightweight, and convenient to store. It allows you to enjoy every music note without getting disturbed or disturbing others.


Key Features 

At a glance, the Lagrima 88 key digital piano comes with the sheet music stand, power adapter, 3-pedal board, and instruction manual. With a classic black and white color scheme, it looks gorgeous. Aside from basic things the Lagrima 88 key digital piano comes with advanced music features.


Lagrima 88 key digital piano comes with a DSP2000 sound sample. The sound sample of 88 digital piano has a clear, vivid, and expressive sound. It is way better than other pianos available at this price. At this affordable price range, Lagrima never compromises on sound quality.


Lagrima is engineered with 88 keys full-sized keyboard. This 88 keys keyboard uses graded hammer standard key weight. It is engineered to provide the actual feel of an acoustic piano by providing more weight on low notes. It offers less weight in high end which mimics the actual feel of an acoustic piano.

Built-in pedal board

It is designed with a built-in foot pedal board, sheet music stand, and folding flip cover. All of these specs make the Lagrima 88 key digital piano fit your home décor. It is compact and lightweight making it easy to fit your home interior.

Built-in stereo speakers

It mimics an upright piano with built-in stereo speakers offering high-quality sound.

Touch sensitivity

It is equipped with a touch sensitivity feature that adjusts the piano volume on how hard the key is pressed. Just like an acoustic piano, you will feel the key volume and weight while playing a digital piano. If you don’t like this volume change and prefer consistent volume then you can turn this feature on and off.

Number of tones

Lagrima 88 key digital piano offers you 480 tones of your own choice and 128 standard MIDI tones. It also offers you 200 preset rhythms and 80 demo songs. It can manage 64 levels of polyphony for complicated and overlapping sounds.

Dual keyboard

Lagrima 88 key digital piano features a dual keyboard that allows you to split it into two parts. The teacher and students can split the piano into two parts and play side by side and enjoy the learning process with ease.


It comes with a USB port for digital devices and allows you to connect it with headphones and other appliances. With headphone jacks, you can enjoy piano practice without disturbing your fellows or neighborhood. It also allows you to connect your wireless headphones through the Bluetooth feature.

Pros and Cons:

  • Graceful black and white aesthetics make it an amazing choice.
  • 88 standard size, fully GHS weighted keys make you experience playing an acoustic piano.
  • You can turn on or off the touch sensitivity feature for better control and convenience.
  • DSP2000 sound sample (128MB) provides clear, vivid, and expressive sound.
  • The instruction manual doesn’t have clear words.
Final Words

Final Words:

Piano playing is an awesome experience if you master your skills. Mastering piano skills is another job but buying a quality device is the priority. If you don’t have a good quality device you cannot practice well and learn piano skills comfortably.

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