how much does it cost to move a piano

How Much Does It Cost To Move A Piano Locally / Upstairs

No matter if you are a professional pianist or just a beginner you must have a piano at your home. Having a piano at home is really cool whether it’s a digital piano or an acoustic piano. Digital piano adds beauty to your home décor and enhances your interior.

Your acoustic piano adds attraction to your home interior. But what if you want to upgrade your home interior and want to change the location of your acoustic piano?

Can you move it easily from one place to another? Well, you can easily relocate the digital piano quite easily as compared to an acoustic piano.

An acoustic piano is not easy to move because it is really heavy. That’s why you should always consult a piano mover to change the location of your acoustic piano. Professional piano movers are equipped with high-tech tools.

Professional piano movers can move a piano through almost impossible places. They can move an acoustic piano easily without hurting anyone or damaging the piano.

But moving a piano with the help of professional piano movers can be expensive. So how much does it cost to move a piano? Piano Lessons For Beginners

How Much Does It Cost To Move A Piano?

You can hope to pay somewhere in the range of $200 and $400 for a nearby move (under 30 miles or something like that) and somewhere in the range of $300 – $1000 for a significant distance move.

Hope to pay something else for flights of stairs, steps, and restricted spaces, These address further difficulties for the piano movers, requiring further expertise with respect to the piano movers securely finishing the move.

Hope to pay something else for a bigger piano; normally a 9-feet great piano is more enthusiastic to move than a little upstanding.

Why Acoustic Pianos Are So Heavy?

A piano isn’t simply a wooden box. Inside the piano is a solid metal casing, molded like a harp. This edge is answerable for supporting the pressure applied by the strings.

Beforehand, before benefits in metalworking innovation, the piano’s casing was made of wood, yet as pianos expanded and required more strings, wood couldn’t support the enormous pressure pull of the strings, so a more grounded material was required.

Want to know how heavy is the cast iron frame of the piano? Do you have cast iron cookware at home? Do you also have regular aluminum or Teflon cookware?

Now compare the weight of cast iron cookware and regular aluminum cookware. You would come to know that cast iron cookware is heavier than regular aluminum or Teflon cookware.

So, you have a very large wooden soundboard with a cast iron frame, imagine how heavy it would be. That’s why most upright pianos weigh approximately 300 to 500 lbs, and grand pianos can weigh up to 1200 lbs.

Do You Need A Piano Mover To Move An Acoustic Piano?

Yes, you need a professional piano mover to move your expensive acoustic piano. No matter if you are moving your piano even in the same street you would need a piano mover.

It is dangerous to move an acoustic piano by yourself even if it’s on the same street or in another town. There are various factors you need to consider while moving an acoustic piano.

It is not only about the weight of the piano but it’s about the imbalanced weight of the piano. The piano is relatively heavier towards the back of the piano as compared to the front side.

In this way, if you will try to lift a piano with a helper then you would see it’s not heavy as you were thinking. You think that a piano would be heavy on the front side but it’s the back that’s holding weight.

So you would find it difficult to lift a piano casually. As a result, you can accidentally drop your piano and harm it. And more important if you drop it on your foot you will end up lying on the hospital bed for a long period of time.

Professional piano movers are trained to deal with this. They know how to move a piano without hurting themselves or damaging the piano. Moreover, they are equipped with modern tools and equipment to deal with complications. So you, your home, and your piano are secure when you hire a professional and experienced piano mover.

Moreover, the trained piano movers have a special vehicle to maneuver your piano. That vehicle has the equipment to tie your piano so that it doesn’t move while driving the vehicle.

If you try to move your piano on your own you will face this issue. It does matter if you have a big car you will still need to hire a van that has enough space to hold the big and heavy piano.

Let’s suppose you have hired a piano but would you be able to tie the piano effectively? If you tie it effectively but still you won’t be able to hold it and prevent it from moving.

You know the piano is very heavy and big if it starts moving once you cannot stop it. As a result, it will start smashing into the doors of the van that’s really damaging.

Can Moving A Piano Put It Out Of Tune?

Indeed, moving a piano can put it out of tune. One of the fundamental reasons is humidity changes. In the event that you remove a piano from your decent warm home and take it out into the chilly road, into the rear of a non-warmed van, and afterward, into another pleasant warm home, you have exposed your piano to two outrageous temperature changes and two distinct moistness levels.

I will not meticulously describe the situation here on why stickiness can de-tune a piano; you can figure out why in my other article. To say the least, a piano will change itself to a new dampness level, and as a component of the change, the tuning can endure.

Combined with the way that the basic demonstration of moving the piano can make the edge and the parts inside move or bend simply a smidgen (which they are intended to do). This slight development can cause a de-tuning.

My recommendation; hold on until your piano has been moved to tune it.

Can Regular Movers Move A Piano?

No, regular movers cannot move a piano and you shouldn’t take this risk. Because moving a piano requires experience and equipment. Regular movers may not have the essential tools and equipment to move a piano safely.

They might have been moving other household items such as furniture. But they don’t necessarily know how to move a piano. Regular movers may not charge you the high cost that a professional piano moving company may. But that doesn’t mean you should put your piano at a risk for the sake of some bucks.

Professional piano movers have experience in doing their work. Moreover, a professional piano mover is always equipped with tools and a team to relocate your expensive and vintage acoustic piano with care.

So never do it to yourself just to save some bucks. You would end up destroying your expensive piano and the loss is unrecoverable.

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