How To Learn To Play Piano By Ear

How To Learn To Play Piano By Ear With Chords & Intervals

The piano is one of the best musical instruments and is popular around every region of the world due to its amazing musical chords. But most people don’t know how they can play or use the piano, and they want a simple solution to it. The amazing thing about the piano is that you can figure out the different chords which are playing on the piano.

If you want to learn the correct way of playing piano, then your ears are sufficient for it. You can learn various songs by your ear just by listening to them in step by step process.

So, if you are a person who wants to know detailed information that How To Learn To Play Piano By Ear, then you are in a place where you can easily find ways to learn to play piano by your ear.

All you need do is just stick with the tips and techniques which are given in this article, and after a short period, you will be a master of playing the piano. So, let’s get started!

What Are The Intervals And How Does It Important To Playing The Piano?

The intervals are a simple space between the multiple notes, that you play on the piano. Keep in mind that intervals are the core thing or action in every type of music.

You will easily attract your audience or enjoy yourself while playing piano when you are skilled in the intervals, which happens when one note moves to another note during the music, and it will keep going until the music ends.

Intervals are the music and you need to understand how harmonies and melodies move, if you know this thing and practice regularly, then it will enhance your music skills in a short period.

What Is The Role Of Piano Chords While Playing It By Ear?

If you are a piano lover or want to learn various piano chords, whether it is minor or major chords, keep in mind that playing piano by ear is easier than anything.

This is because of the structure which you built in your mind and your all focus is on the chords with your ear, with this strategy you can easily figure out every harmony.

It is recommended that you play any piano chords by ear and it will enhance your note skills in a short period. It will helpful for you to understand which key or chord you’re in.

How To Learn To Play Piano By Ear Easily:

It is a powerful and enjoyable process, in which you strictly need to follow the steps. Through these steps, you can easily learn to play piano and after a short time, you will be able to play any difficult chords or harmonies only by ear.

1. Hear the complete Music

It is an important step in which you need to choose a simple and enjoyable song that you want to play first on the piano. You can just select a simple melodic song because for the beginner it is efficient for you to learn the basic chords by ear. If you choose folk songs then it will easily detect the strong melodies by ear.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to choose hip-hop or rap songs because their chords are difficult for the beginner pianist. While the song is playing, you also need to sing it too by yourself, with this technique you will give full focus to the song and understand its chords completely.How To Learn To Play Piano By Ear

After hearing the song, then you need to match the notes of the melody on your piano. In the start, you will multiple errors during playing the piano by ear, but after a short period, your skills of playing the piano will enhance in amazing ways.

So, you need to choose a simple song at the start, and then after time, you can increase the difficulty of the song to get a master’s in the piano.

2. Practice with your close Friend

As you know that there are several personalities out there, who are masters in the piano chords. You can ask your friend to help you with your piano practice and it is the best way to enhance your listening skills.

Your friend can play different chords and harmonies on the piano and you only need to figure out which key your friend used in the recent song.

Moreover, your friend can play two different notes at the same time on the piano. Then you will tell them whether the first note was lower or higher than the first note. You can practice the notes with your friend or family member, then you will see its positive effects on your piano skills.

3. Four Magic Chords

If you want to learn or play piano by ear, then it is not compulsory for you to have any knowledge of music theory or reading skills. But it also doesn’t mean that you can skip it, but through your ear, you can easily understand the complete chords and harmonies.

Almost every pop song has the same basic chords in their songs, but do you notice why all the pop songs have a different sound from each other?

There is an amazing reason behind this, which is piano chords. There are various ways to play piano chords with numerous combinations.

All these combinations are known as chord progressions and these progressions will create an amazing and rich variety of multiple sounds. If you understand how chords will work then you can learn piano much faster.

Ear Training With Different Intervals:

If you want to become a professional and skilled pianist, then you should need to recognize every interval by ear. After this technique, you can easily master playing the piano with any chords and harmonies. If you follow the given example, then you will recognize intervals much easier:

Interval: Major 3rd (With C to E)

Hear Song: Summertime by George Gershwin

Interval: Major 4th (With C to F)

Hear Song: Wedding March

Interval: Perfect 5th (With C to G)

Hear Song: Twinkle Twinkle

Interval: Perfect Octave (with C to C)

Hear Song: Somewhere over the rainbow by OZ Wizard

The Best Three Ways To Recognize Every Interval By Ear:

  1. You need to pick a random note and make sure to practice the song interval below or above it.
  2. If you play every interval on your desired piano while singing the intervals in your voice are much easier and it will increase your chances of becoming a pro as a pianist.
  3. It is the best thing to connect your all favorite songs to the intervals.


The pianist is an enjoyable and great skill. But when you play piano by ear then it is a powerful and attractive skill too. However, if you want to become a pro or want to play piano by ear, then all the above strategies and tricks are really helpful for you, and will surely enhance your piano skills.

But every pianist must grasp a solid grip on the music theory, that you want to play on the piano. You should know or understand the chord progressions. When you work on these strategies then playing piano by ear is become effortless for everyone.

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