How Much Is a Wurlitzer Piano Worth

How Much Is a Wurlitzer Piano Worth? | Price / Cost

A piano plays a vital role in your modern home décor. If you are a beginner pianist who is searching for budget options to start your career then this article is for you.

You have searched this tagline because either you want to buy a new Wurlitzer Piano or sell it. In both cases, you must know the exact value of your Wurlitzer Piano. If you are going to sell your Wurlitzer Piano then you must have estimated its value.

If you demand too much money you will ultimately lose your customers. On the other hand, if you demand too little for your Wurlitzer Piano then you will face a loss.

People sell a piano for many reasons. Vintage pianos like Wurlitzer Piano are no more available therefore no one would buy them for thousands of dollars. The price of your Wurlitzer Piano depends on its condition.

If it is maintained properly then the buyer would find it useful. On the other hand, if the buyer will have to do work for thousands of dollars after purchasing it then it has no value. Learn Piano

How To Decide The Price Of A Piano? 

The price of a piano depends on two factors, the condition of the piano and the brand. If your piano is outside the realm of Yamaha, Steinway, Kawai, etc. then the price depends on its condition. But if your piano belongs to the above brands then people would prefer them regardless of the condition.

People often buy Yamaha, Steinway, Kawai, etc. because of their brand names. They don’t often consider the condition of a piano they just prefer a piano from a popular brand. They don’t see that the other piece is perfect for them even if it’s not from a popular brand.

If your piano is not from a popular brand then its condition matters a lot.

If you look outside the boundary of brand names then you would be at the mercy of the condition of the piano and its usefulness. The factor that decides the price of the piano is its usefulness for a pianist and the budget range of your buyer.

If your marketing strategy is the best and you elaborate right key points of your piano along with the right price then you would find the ideal buyer.

You will be able to find a customer who pays the right price for your piano at the right level. However, you often have to compromise on price while selling a piano.

I would say that you must do a precise assessment of your piano before marketing it. A used piano cannot be preferred by a professional concert artist or a music degree holder.

Often beginners prefer buying a used piano as they are affordable. You cannot ask for $2000 if the customer is a beginner.

About The Wurlitzer Company:

Wurlitzer is an American organization that began in Cincinnati in 1853. At first, the organization was an import send-out business, bringing in strung, metal, and woodwind instruments from Germany into the USA, however ultimately they ventured into making pipe organs and player pianos.

Around the 1880s, Wurlitzer started making section-level acoustic pianos, including spinet and control center pianos. Nonetheless, they did likewise make studio upstanding and excellent pianos, yet these are very interesting. I’ve unquestionably never seen one.

The most widely recognized instances of Wurlitzer acoustic pianos are from the 1960s. During the 1970s they likewise ventured into making electric pianos and jukeboxes. In the long run, the Wurlitzer organization was obtained by Baldwin, who actually owns it today.

Baldwin stopped making pianos under the Wurlitzer name in 2009, and these days the organization makes new parts for verifiable items and is likewise an unmistakable maker of candy machines.

Wurlitzer’s most renowned instruments were more likely than not the line organs that were developed somewhere in the range of 1914 and 1943. A portion of these instruments actually endures today.

In any case, the most well-known instruments made by Wurlitzer that get by to the current day are their lines of spinet and control center pianos made during the 1960s.

What Is The Quality Of The Wurlitzer Piano? 

Just like every manufacturer, the Wurlitzer used to make both high-quality and economy pianos for both specialists and beginners. I am talking about the piano made after 1960 by Wurlitzer. The Wurlitzer pianos you see these days were made for home amateur musicians.

The Wurlitzer pianos that are still around were not made to be used by professional pianists in the concerts. However, if you want to do home piano practice then Wurlitzer never disappoints you.

But it is intended to be used around for a couple of songs. If you are a professional pianist or play piano for 3 hours every day then it will limit your experience.

No doubt, the Wurlitzer pianos were not made for professional pianists in concerts but still, they were built with high-quality material. The Wurlitzer pianos were so durable that they survive till today.

You cannot compare the building quality of Yamaha, Steinway, or Kawai with Wurlitzer pianos. Wurlitzer is far below the popular brands. But if you consider the last models introduced in the East then I would prefer choosing the Wurlitzer piano every time.

The quality and effectiveness of the Wurlitzer piano depend on the degree of its usefulness. If it satisfies your career requirements then you would be able to decide its value.

How Much Is A Wurlitzer Piano Worth? 

Now we have considered the top factors that make a Wurlitzer piano worth its price. I have discussed the quality factors and brand importance.

Now you can say that if your Wurlitzer piano is in its high-end condition then you can sell it for $1500. But if your piano is not in high-end condition then you can sell it for around $600.

A control center piano will be anything including or more than 41 inches tall. You can by and large track down them in great shape, numerous with as of late supplanted or reconditioned parts.How Much Is a Wurlitzer Piano Worth

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you’re selling a Wurlitzer and you’re not a seller, you can hope to get close to the lower end of the valuing scale, particularly if the piano has been very much utilized or the other hand assuming it has any sort of superficial or inside harm.

Assuming that there’s significant harm to the piano, for example, a broken soundboard, shape, or woodworm, I would propose that you could have extraordinary trouble tracking down a purchaser.

As usual, in the event that you’re offering, offer a fair cost to your purchaser because of the condition and age of the piano. In the event that you’re purchasing, due to your reasonable level of effort.

Final Thoughts:

No doubt a Wurlitzer piano looks antique with its premium quality frame and polished finish. If you are a beginner and want to practice a little bit at home, buying a Wurlitzer piano is a nice option.

Moreover, if you love keeping old things at home for your home décor then go ahead with an acoustic Wurlitzer piano.

If you are a professional pianist or seeing your future in playing piano in concerts then you must opt for a digital piano. There are multiple reasons behind considering a digital piano over a Wurlitzer piano.

The digital piano doesn’t take up too much space in your home and can provide you high-quality piano-playing experience.

The digital piano can go with you from the start of your career to the professional level. It won’t limit your piano-playing experience to an intermediate level. It will go side by side with you to make you a successful pianist.

If you are in search of digital pianos then I have reviewed some of the top digital pianos for amateur home pianists and professional-grade stage artists.

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