How to Teach Piano For Beginners

How to Teach Piano For Beginners In 7 Easy Steps

Playing the piano is not as difficult an activity as we think because it is fun, and piano lovers enjoy it a lot. For beginners, it could be hard to understand in the beginning but they should learn from a good teacher.

There are many programs on the internet that allows all beginners to learn piano and start playing it easily

Similarly, some trainees and advisors provide their services and teach piano from the very first point. If you are also a piano lover and want to reach others, then you should learn some points, techniques, and simple tips that will make your task easier than you think.

So, stop exploring How to Teach Piano For Beginners, because here will help you to fulfill your wish. Some simple steps, techniques, and easy tips are as follows:

How to Teach Piano For Beginners – First Piano Lesson:

Before starting the piano teaching activity, you should have complete knowledge to understand students’ minds and awareness of their interests. Also, you have to practice all the time and then start as beginners from the very first lesson. 

1-Know About Your Students

If you did the meeting with your students before the first piano lesson, then it will be easy to teach them. Because you will know their likes or dislikes, thinking level, favorite music, food, activities, etc. This knowledge will help you to understand the mind of your student and you will set a statement in your mind.

For this, you can take a notebook and start searching your student’s hobbies, favorite activities, books, learning systems, food, etc. You can write this information in the notebook of every student one by one. In the end, you will make a decision about the student’s mind level and better understand which point should be first before piano class.

2- Trace Beginners Hands

Now you can take a pen and trace all the beginner students’ hands. You can write “L.H” on your left hand and also write “R.H” on your right hand. This activity will help beginners to understand which hand should be used on which side. 

3- Teach them the Finger’s Number System

Now you have to teach your students the fingers number system. It is necessary because it will be easy for your student to learn which finger will use first to play the piano.

For example, the 1 number you will write on the first finger, 2 will be on the second finger, and so on. The hand position is necessary before playing the piano. The right position of hands and fingers will make piano learning easy and understandable.

4- Discuss Music Alphabet

Before starting the piano, you should teach or discuss music alphabets with your students. This step is most important because the music alphabets are written on the piano and beginners will easily understand the rhythm. Good knowledge of the piano alphabet and its arrangement with music will enable beginners to play the piano well. 

As teacher knows that the musical alphabet starts with E and ends with D. Hence, the full-forward alphabets of the piano are E, F, G, A, B, C, and D. Similarly, the backward alphabets of the piano start with F and ends on G.

Hence, the full backward alphabets of the piano are F, E, D, C, B, A, G. Thus, you should teach your students this arrangement of musical alphabets and ask them to learn easily. The beginners should have knowledge that how the musical alphabet starts with E and ends with G.

5- Explain to Beginners the Position Of C

Now you have to explain to your students the position of C because C is a middle point that is important. The piano starts playing from C to LHS and also from C to right-hand size. So, the beginners should put their LH (left hand) on several alphabets like F-G-A-B-C. Similarly, the RH (right hand) on several alphabets like C-D-E-F-G. the thumbs of piano player should be on middle C. 

6- Move To The Basic Steps

You can also use a piano learning book that will explain the finger’s positions as well. Also, you can teach your beginner students that when the numbers are directly on top, you have to play LH and RH at the same time.

For example, I like the “spider song” and want to learn piano on its lyrics. Then I will put my thumbs on starting point and will put the second finger, then the third, and so on. This activity will start with creating music and it will be the same as the original. My thumbs will play together then both 2’s, both 3’s, both 4’s, etc. 

7- Choose The Easy Song

If you are going to play piano, then you should learn the lyrics of music or song. Because if you have a wonderful understanding of the music/song, then you can learn it better. Choose the easy lyrics for beginners because the hard poem, song, or lyrics will e difficult for them.

For example, Twinkle Twinkle, Happy Birthday, Havana, Jingle Bells, and Fur Elise are the easiest songs for beginners. They can quickly understand the lyrics and set the positions of alphabets in their mind. If you are a trainee and want to team piano playing better, then you should suggest to them these easiest songs.

Essential Points And Sitting Positions

Before moving to the final steps, you should teach your beginner students the sitting positions. Because the sitting position, hand position, and mental activity matter a lot for a piano player. 

The beginners should sit straight, keep/her wrist straight, and their hands should be curved like little baseballs. Also, teach them to stay positive, should keep calm, take a long breath before playing piano, etc. The beginners should move slowly and enjoy the music whilst playing the piano.

As a trainee of piano beginners, you should ask them to arrange a book that will improve their knowledge, skills, and excitement. The book will better teach hand movement, will help to move from easy to hard steps, etc.


If you are wondering about How to Teach Piano For Beginners, then this informative content will help you to learn better. The trainee should be well-mannered, calm, and also should have learning skills.

Because experience doesn’t matter whereas the interest, understanding, love of piano/music, etc will help everyone to teach others well. 

The beginners can easily pick your words, positions, and activities if you have the knowledge to teach them well. All the simple techniques, steps, and guidance is explained well above. So, now don’t think much and start teaching beginners.

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